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Student visa (more than 90 days)

Due the Spanish law, nationals from countries other than Turkey must submit all the documents in Spanish. In some cases, if necessary, it could be applied to Turkish citizens once their file has been examined.

If the stay is longer than 90 days, you should bring the following documents to the Embassy in Ankara personally:

  • Passport valid for the whole period applied for and photocopies of data pages and relevant visas of the passport (and previous passports if any).

  • Application form (Spanish / English) filled in and with a biometric picture (with white background) glued to it.

  • For stays longer than 180 days: medical certificate + translation into Spanish + apostil of the Hague. In the certificate it must be clearly stated that  the applicant does not suffer of any kind of illness that could generate severe repercussions on Public Health according to the 2005 International Sanitary Regulations

  • For stays longer than 180 days: criminal record + translation into Spanish + apostil of the Hague

  • Proof of registration or pre-registration in the educational center, including name, address and contact numbers and emails of the center and /or receipt of payment of the fees

  • Copy of ID (in Turkey, the Kimlik kartı)
  • Invitation or acceptance letter in Spanish or translated into Spanish.

  • Information about the intermediaries if any (cultural associations, exchange organizations or any other kind of entities that arrange admissions in educative centers)

  • Kind and level of studies to be followed (for example: "MBA" or "Language Studies" or "2nd year of Journalism"...etc)

  • Kind of studies that you already have (specifying the title in its case), bring your diplomas and certificates

  • Certificate of proficiency in foreign languages (if any)

  • Address in Spain

  • In case of minors it is necessary the written permission of the parents, an authorisation given in front of a public notary will be requested.
  • In case of training mobility it is necessary the "training agreement" signed by the three parties, in Spanish or translated into Spanish.
  • Economic means

    • If granted a scholarship, information about the coverage and other resources

    • Proof of having enough means, (personally or supported by your family) bank accounts with movements of money for the last year and pay slips from the parents.

    • If there is a sponsor other than the parents of the applicant, the relationship must be proved with relevant documents including economic means of the sponsor and a letter stating that he/she accepts responsibility for the applicant.

  • Flight reservation:
    • in case of a stay shorter than 180 days it must be round trip
    • in case of a stay longer than 180 days it can be just one way
  • Travel insurance

  • 1- Insurances in which policy it is stated that there is a limit of 90-92 days will not be accepted. We suggest, to avoid delays that the applicant makes sure that the insurance is valid throughtout the stay in Spain (Please bear in mind that sometimes, even if it is writen 180 or 365 days, policies are limited to 90 or 92 days. These Insurances are NOT accepted).
  • 2- Under no circunstance two consecutive insurances will be accepted, only one insurance will be submitted and it must be valid for the whole stay in Spain.

  • Please make sure you bring all the originals as well as a photocopies of them.
  • It is important to note that the procedures for these visas take about two weeks. The applicant must follow up their application online with the track number provided by the Embassy. The Consular Section will not inform (or reply emails or calls regarding the status of the visas) the applicant with the results
  • Applicants staying for more than 180 days must apply for a residency permit at the Spanish police, students staying less than 180 days will not need this requirement.
  • The applicant will have to submit and collect his/her visa personally, without exception.
  • It is not necessary that the original passport stays in the Embassy, it can be withdrawn. The procedures for the visa can be done just with a copy of the passport (of all the pages)
  • In the case of aproval, the visa will be issued when the applicant comes to collect it with the original passport.