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Residency without previous work permit authorisation

Due the Spanish law, nationals from countries other than Turkey must submit all the documents in Spanish. In some cases, if necessary, it could be applied to Turkish citizens once their file has been examined.

This visa can be requested by citizens going to work to Spain that don't need to apply for a previous work permit in Spain. Some cases include researchers going to Spanish Universities, teachers in cultural institutions...etc. The complete list of cases is found in the Spanish version (only in Spanish) in case you need more information please contact us at: emb.ankara.inf@maec.es.

  1. Application form (Spanish / English) filled in and with a biometric picture (with white background) glued to it.
  2. Certificate of Criminal Record (translated into Spanish and legalized with the stamp of The Hague convention)

  3. Medical certificate (translated into Spanish and legalized with the stamp of The Hague convention)   In the certificate it must be clearly stated that the applicant does not suffer from any kind of illness that could generate severe repercussions on public health according to the 2005 International Sanitary Regulations.

  4. A photocopy of the passport (only relevant data, don't copy empty pages) and previous passports if any.

  5. Documents that justify that the applicant belongs to one of the special groups stated in art. 68 of the Spanish law RD2393/2004, find the law here (in Spanish).
  6. Special application form for residency without previous work permit authorisation (LO 4/2000 and RD 557/2011)
  7. Special fee form M790 code C052
  8. Flight reservation

  • All procedures must be done personally by the applicant. He/she must come to apply for a visa and to receive the passport once the visa is issued.
  • Please make sure you bring all the originals as well as a photocopies of them.
  • It is important to note that the procedures for these visas take about two weeks
  • It is necessary to apply for a residency permit at the Spanish Police once in Spain. 
  • It is not necessary that the original passport stays in the Embassy, it can be withdrawn. The procedures for the visa can be done just with a copy of the passport (every page). In the case of aproval, the visa will be issued when the applicant comes to collect it with the original passport.