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Residency Visa for Acquisition of Immovable Property in Spain as an Investment Higher than or Equal to 500.000 Euros

List of Required Documents

1) A National Visa Application form

2) A valid passport (preferably with at least one year of validity), and one photocopy of the passport.

3) Two recent coloured passport photographs, between 26-35 mm of width and 32-45mm of height, with white background.

4) A certificate of accreditation confirming the acquisition of the property: this certificate should include updated information with regards to the possession and the Register of Property charges. This certificate must have been issued within 90 days before the submission of the residency visa application. If, at the moment of the visa application, the property is in the process of registration in the Register of Property, it will be sufficient to submit the mentioned certificate where it is clearly stated that the submission of the acquisition document is valid along with documents that accredit the payment of the corresponding fees.

5) To prove that the applicant has the sufficient economic means to support him-herself and his/her family during their stay in Spain (as a general guidance, 2.130 Euros per month for the applicant and another 532 Euros for every family member at his/her charge).

6) A Proof of the family relationship: extract of the family register or family book, legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the issuing country and translated to Spanish.

7) ِِِPolice Certificate issued by the authorities of the country of origin or the country or countries where the person has been residing for the last five years. This certificate must show that the person has not been sentenced for offences included in the Spanish Penal Code. It has to be translated into Spanish by a juror translator and legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the issuing country.

8) Public or private health insurance agreed upon with an insuring entity authorized to operate in Spain.

9) To possess or apply in parallel for the Foreigner Identity Number

10) To complete the payment of the visa application (equivalent to 60 Euros).